Friday, May 05, 2006

Is it Handspun Yarns or Hand spun Yarns?

spun yarns
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Ulster-America Folk Park Omagh, N. Ireland.
Thes yarns were dyed with natural dyes. You can see the jar with onion skins next to the lazy kate. The woman that was demonstrating let us feel the wool she was spinning. I would say it was rather harsh. It was from local sheep. Most of the sheep I saw were a longwool type. This would not be my choice for spinning for next to the skin wear. I was dissapointed when trying to find wool yarns. I got two balls of sock yarn, they were made in England. I looked at alot of items for sale, they would say made in Ireland, and merino wool. That tells me that the wool is imported and then processed into garments in Ireland. The types of sheep that can tolerate the wet cold climate are not fine wooled sheep. Fine wool would felt on the animal and be a health problem for the sheep.
There goes my mythical image of irish wool!


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