Monday, July 07, 2008

Dudleyspinner Handpainted Tie Dye Wool Roving Combed Top


I have been getting some new rovings in the Etsy store. Very happily, I am having a hard time getting any inventory built up! The roving keeps moving as fast as I put it in! This is a good thing, but now I need to dye some more and it suddenly got hot, like 90 degrees and high humidity. Summer is finally here, so I may need to move outside and do the dying. Get some black plastic bags and let the sun do the work. That could work.

My daughter came down for the weekend. It was nice to have her visit for a little while. Her dog Griffith is a pup still in many ways and was fun to watch him run. My old dogs don't run around any more. Like me they would like too..... but the old legs are slow.


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