Monday, January 12, 2015

Dudleyspinner Tie Dye Wool Roving/ Combed Top The First Time

 This is the very first thing I ever made from my  hand spun wool. This rug is is crocheted from wool I washed, processed and  spun with a drop spindle. The wool was carded with hand cards sitting on the screen porch with my daughter Meghan. We listened to the KC Royals baseball games on the radio. This would have been about 1983. Carding wool can be messy, so doing this on the screen porch was a logical place for the vm to fall to the floor and not be too difficult to clean up. The wooden floor boards were easlily swept.   Meghan liked to listen to the ball games because she liked the Hot Dog commercials, and would sing along. "Hot dogs, Armour hot dogs what kind of kids like Armour hot dogs"

 She liked Denny and Fred, the announcers. I had never listened to baseball on the radio. I did not follow the game. Meghan did. She was about  three. One afternoon Mike told me to ask Meg what the count was.

 You can imagine my surprise when Meg replied "one and three" and explained that there was one strike and three balls, so this was an important pitch.  A warm summer after noon spent carding wool and spinning a yarn that has survived thirty one years of use and abuse. The patches are mostly from puppy chew holes. I recently fixed the worst of them. This rug is very handy in front of the wood stove. It catches the bark and leaves and is easy to shake outdoors.
Wool is fire resistant so it is a good choice for a spot that gets plenty of sparks. We burn quite a lot of osage orange wood. It is like fireworks when you get a good fire going.


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