Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Dudleyspinner Tie Dye Fiber Woolcicles and Other Fanciful Fiber Batts

An online discussion of terminology for wool preps available to buy made me come up with another name for my wool, alpaca, hemp, silk batts. Woolcicles!
 In a perfect world everyone would have the exact same term for the very same product.
 This is not a perfect world.
Spinners just starting on their fiber journey don't even know the right questions to ask yet. So when a big discussion crops up of  what is the right thing to call the wool they just bought, when that was not their question, they just wanted a simple answer to a simple question of how to split this to spin it and it explodes into a  huge discussion of terminology! The question was barely addressed, and many authorities weighted in with lots of examples to prove themselves right.   I
t is very easy  to see how a newbie could easily be put off and feel that spinners are not helpful or welcoming to those that are just starting.

Sharing knowledge is the only way that the next generation is going to be trained and taught the skills that we treasure.

I have started a new facebook group  Spin In The Grease  I have some file there with access to suppliers of good wool, lotions and potions, and any other subject that the group wants.

I welcome all questions and the group is very open to discussion of any question.  So if you are looking for a group with experience that is willing to be helpful, please join us.


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