Friday, May 06, 2005

Dudley the Lion Tamer!

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((Theme to" Indiana Jones, Temple Of Doom" playing in background))

I felt like a lion tamer today. I put on my top hat, (actually it is a "Cat In The Hat" hat, red and white). I grab my chair and whip. I enter the lions cage.

I open the cage and look inside, with my whip and chair at the ready. There are sheep. A lot of sheep.
"Where the flock did you all come from?" I ask aloud. I close the door and steel my nerves for the the confrontation. I cautiously open the door and step inside. A fiesty ewe sees the opening and bolts!

She slips past me, bleating loudly. I lunge toward her, too late! She slips out of my grasp, I have to let her go. If I am distracted for a second they will all bolt past me.

I quickly close the door. They are eying me dangeroursly. The ewes are bleating and bolting, doging my grip.
"Back! Back!" I say!
I crack the whip! I shake the chair! The poor ewes settle into an uneasy calm. I make my way past them, never loosing eye contact. Never turn your back on an angry ewe.

I catch a ewe and drag her to the north window. I inspect her closely. There are so many colors of fleece. It looks suspiciously like she was dyed! I quickly shear her, sort the fleece by colors.

I know you think that I am keeping real live sheep in that room. How else coud that fleece keep multiplying this way!

Pretty Mohair Curls

This is some of what I am sending to Wooly Knob to have carded into roving. I found just the colors I was wanting. Purples, greens, bluegreens, blues, and this. I want them to blend it so the colors are still seperated into streaks.

How is it possible, that with all that fiber, I still don't want to let it go. I tell myself. I am sending it to the mill, it will be better when it comes back. Why is it so hard to put it into the bag?

I might want just a little bit of that color to add to something.

So I look at it and debate before putting it into the bag. I found some really large cellophane flower bags I had. I can really see what I have. The plan is to send about 10-15% by weight of the mohair curls to add on the last run through of the carding, so the colors stay bright and the curl somewhat intact. I am not sure if this is possible. I hope it is.


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