Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dudleyspinner Tie Dye Fiber Enjoying a Simple Loom

 A few weeks ago I was at the KAWS conference in Wichita, KS. I won this 12"x12" loom. I have done the two pieces in the photo on this loom. It is very enjoyable to use my hand spun yarn this way. This yarn is spun from batts I created with my own dyed fiber, some hemp fiber to give strength and nice drape. I plan to weave a strap on an inkle loom and create a bag. I will line the bag with linen I have salvaged from the local thrift store. I often buy needlepoint kits and use the many colors of yarn to create free form crochet. That leave the very nice linen fabric kit with no yarn. The square shape should work well with that fabric piece and make a nice lined bag. The two weavings are different. the one on the  left is done putting on a warp, then weaving. The one on the right is done as you would a triloom. The yarn is applied by making the warp at the same time as the weft. I did have to go back and reweave some areas. I was not as pleased with this method so the next piece I did was the one on the left. It used much less yarn and is lighter weight. I warped the loom with some white wool yarn and I am not thrilled about the amount of warp showing. I will either dye the white or use other darker yarn for the warp. Small looms are really useful for making usable small pieces of fabric.
This is a close up of the loom. It is a board with small nails. A picture frame would also make a nice loom.


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