Monday, July 19, 2010

Dudleyspinner Tie Dye Roving/Combed Top: Angela Merino In My Etsy Store

Wool, now that is something I can get behind. I just purchased a bump of 64's Merino from my Merino guy. It is quite nice and I can dye it without felting which is always a concern with a fine wool like this. I need to be a bit more gentle and careful. I think the trick is to allow the fiber to cool completely in the dyebath. Handling the fiber when it is hot is just silly. Why not let it absorb all the dye and cool off. When wool is hot the scales are all open and subject to felting, when they cool off and close, the wool is less likely to felt. Angela is available in my dudleyspinner Etsy store.

Now back to our regularly scheduled life. For the past eight days or so I was working for that organization that counts everyone. I am not really supposed to talk about it. The longer this goes on the stranger it becomes. I am really glad to be done with that except that I met some very cool people. I also met some very strange twitchy people that I hope never to see again. I did get to see some of the most spectacular Kansas landscapes, This is the Marion County Lake, just South East of Marion, Kansas. I spent some time in the Marion County Courthouse

This Eagle is in the main entry foyar I wonder how many people never notice it. It stands three feet high.

This combed top is Isola2 and is available in my store

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