Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dudleyspinner Tie Dye Roving/Combed Top: Transitional Navajo Weaving

I plyed this using ">Rosemary's Andean Plying Bracelet, simplified, but modified by me.
She uses a popcycle stick and a book to wrap the yarn around. I used this cute little tiny niddy noddy. It did work far better than a center pull ball for plying. I did let the yarn rest in the ball for about 2 days. That helped it to relax a little bit too, so it wasn't so kinky. I tend to over twist, but for this type of yarn, I think that is what is required. The yarn has to withstand some stress to repair the weaving and look right. I hope the color is close enough. It is hard to match the color of a 100 year old yarn. My yarn is so much more lively and shiney. I am not sure what you could do about that. Maybe a grey rinse? like dirty water. I may have to give that a shot.


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