Sunday, September 06, 2009

dudleyspinner tie dye roving, New yarn in Etsy

This is a fall color study yarn that I just spun in a 16-17 wpi for a falling leaves pattern scarf for someone. I am putting it in my Etsy store . The person that wanted it now is fearing getting laid off and may not be able to afford to buy the yarn, so it is available. I spun this with the falling leaves lace pattern in mind using a fractile splitting of the roving while I spun.
Definition of Fractile which is also referred to as a Quantile
it denotes the variate value below which lies a given fraction of the cumulative frequency; fractile is synonymous with the more generally used term quantile and the necessity for its coining is not clear Category: Mathematics

This means I split the roving once the full length, and then split each section repeating the color progression in reverse each time. This makes the color repeats very short so there should be very little striping in the knitted pattern. The colors will look like fall leaves showing through pine trees.

Spin Off just had an article in the fall 09 issue with eleven scarves using the same leaf pattern. It is very interesting to see how the different yarns appear when knitted. Fractiles occur in nature in every thing. The way a tree branches is a fractile. The symmetry appears random, but it is very logical. As I understand a fractile you split the line in thirds, then remove the center third and you have a fratile. This continues to be split in thirds, the center removed and then split again and again.

I find it very interesting that someone that was as mathematically challenged as I was in school finds mathematical concepts like fractiles, and Pi, facinating in spinning and knitting. So now I am a fiber artist and applied mathemeticion. Degrees are pending.


At 1:07 PM, Blogger Maven said...


I wandered on in here from the CLF group on Ravelry!

Just gave your blog a thumbs up on Stumble Upon, and hope other folks will be able to find and enjoy your blog:)

See you in Ravelry!

At 8:22 AM, Blogger ~ Phyllis ~ said...

Your yarn is lovely.
Enjoyed my first visit to you blog

At 4:51 AM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

ooooh its so pretty!!! makes me want to stop potting and knit for a bit!


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