Thursday, August 06, 2009

dudleyspinner tie dye roving, combed top Lawson on Etsy

This is Lawson one of my latest additions to my Etsy store. I am getting some of the mountains of fiber photographed and put in and Etsy.

The past few weeks I have been spending time on Facebook and Twitter and Plurk as well as Ravelry. I am dudleyspinner on all of those social network sites, follow me, friend me, I am glad to make new and old friends.

These social sites are fun most of the time, but there is the element of dealing with immature women that have not figured out that talking about someone instead of to them is not very professional behavior for a business owner. Some people just have the need to create drama where none exits. I have met these types before, and they are very often abused women with low self esteem. I try to remember that and not get drawn into the sick cycle. I am a very direct person and after having jobs that require confidentiality, I will not tolerate gossip. If I have done something that you feel is out of line, speak to me directly, not about me on Twitter or in another forum to your friends. It is just respectful and the right thing to do.

Maybe you have to be a little closer to mennopause to have enough testosterone to put on your big girl panties and treat each other like adults.


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