Monday, April 22, 2013

Dudleyspinner Tie Dye Roving: Fresh from the Dyepot

 These beauties are just out of the rinse and drying on the line.  The colorway of this dye run is
"Black Dancing With the Northern Lights"
It has deep blacks, greens purples, magenta, teals, turquoise all flowing like a curtain of the northern lights. The northern lights have been active this winter, but not visible here.

The auction for this hat
on ebay  is ending in 4 hours
The money raised will go to Medicines for Humanity
via the Boston Marathon fundraising via
Fernando Mena-Carrisco

My daughter was on Boyleston Street when the bombing happened. She was between the blasts on the other side of the street.

Having such a close call makes me thankful that she and her friends were not injured. They were shaken. There was confusion and fear, do to the chaos that  followed. The terrorist act made a day that should have been joyous and triumphant, a little hollow.

Donating and selling this hat makes me feel that I am doing something positive to counter the darkness caused by the attack. 


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