Thursday, May 26, 2005

Sweet Little Birdies

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This pair of barn swallows insists on trying to nest on my porch. They have in the past, or some relative told them it was the best place to nest on the whole farm. The light attracts supper, the barns are just for the other swallows, not the elite porch swallows. I let them nest one year and it was a huge mess, the obvious mess and then mites. I could have lived with the obvious, but the mites were too much. So the nest was knocked down repeatedly. I felt bad, but ...
I decided to try a deterrent. This is what I found. It seems to be working. I have to move it once a day to keep them believing it is a threat, and not a six foot plastic blow up snake.
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The climatis is doing well, the large bud on the left is the yucca bloom.
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I have been crocheting the beaded edge on Kim's poncho, it is looking good, and is nearly done. I am also beading a medalion for the front. Kim has a hard time putting on a necklace, so I am adding beads to the neckline of the poncho. It is too dark for me to thread another beading needle, so spinning will fill the rest of the morning for me. A llama, wool, silk, blend that is purple haze is what I am working on right now.

Saturday is the Hillsboro Family Folk Festival. I told the Stan the museum curator I would come and demonstrate spinning, At the Adobe House. (Yes that means mud) This house is quite amazing, even on the hottest days (105) it is cool inside. The walls are about 3 feet thick, made with adobe bricks, mud, straw mixed and formed into bricks, baked in the sun. It is always fun to demonstrate, I get to see everyone in town that I know, which is almost everyone who comes by. Small town life, gotta love it!


Founded: 1879
Population: 2904
Elevation: 1454 feet
Latitude: 38° 21' 07" N
Longitude: 97° 12' 15" W
School District: USD 410
ZIP code: 67063
Area Code: 620


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