Tuesday, July 12, 2005


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The red white and blue pair are knit from Lion brand magic stripes yarn. There was no definite repeat in the yarn, so the socks are random. At the ankle I added a few (8)( two increases on four rows) stitches at the top by doing a decorative increase on either side of the central stitch. It makes a little give in the ankle so if you have swelling or circulation issues it has a bit of room. Then I did the decreases as usual to get back to 60 stitches.

The green socks are the pair knit on the miricle knitter, one is finished, the other, I have the bottom seam done up to the heel slit. I picked up the top stitches and knit the ribbing, and then the heel and toe. These are knit from dudleyspinner handspun yarn, they are very tightly knit on the machine. I am not sure how the seam up the bottom will wear, if you feel it or it wears out. As it is hot as hades here, I only put them on long enough to see if they fit.
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Time to Dye some wool!


At 2:31 AM, Blogger CraftyCritter said...

Love the socks!
:::note to self...learn to knit:::

Although I rarely wear socks I love looking at them especially the unique pairs!


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