Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lydia oh Lydia Why do You Go On

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Lydia is sitting here begging to stay home and become socks. Can you tell my feet have been cold lately. I have so much other spinning to do, but am finding this roving hard to resist.

The other day I got a phone call from a woman who is opening a yarn store in Newton. Thats about 35 miles away from here, but the nearest town with a variety of shops, theatre etc. She is looking for handspun yarn and teachers for her new store. I am excited about the possiblities. A real yarn shop! I can hardly wait.

Yesterday I applied for a passport. Something I had dreamed I would need to do someday. The family is going to Ireland. Amelia is going there to work for the Derry Childrens Counsil, living at the University of Ulster. While she is there we have to go see her. It would be silly not to.
I got a World Atlas and have been looking at where we want to go. And Scotland is so close, I mean it is RIGHT there, just a ferry ride away, so we are looking forward to the adventure.


At 5:03 AM, Blogger jackie said...

Keep Lydia. You deserve her. I think that socks from this roving would be STUNNING! I still have to finish my first pair of socks from comercial spun yarn before I commit to hand spinning yarn to then hand knit into socks.
I am excited for you to have a new yarn store relatively close by. New yarn stores are always good news.
And yes yes yes, go to Ireland and Scotland. I was in Scotland for my sister's wedding in May 2005. It was wonderful! They were married in the Glasgow University Chapel. My other sister lives in Glasgow and teaches at the university,so made all of the arrangements. ANd we had free accomidations. Stirling was also a very nice city with a great castle and the Wallace Monument. Definatly worth a stop over. The train system is wonderful for the major destinations and there are lots of busses and underground sysyems. You only need a car if you want to go to the highlands. My sister said that Edinburgh castle was not worth the 5 pounds that it cost to get in because it is being used to house some military and most of the castle is out of bounds. Edinburgh was very touristy, but it did boast a tartan weaving mill that I, as a weaver, found very intersting.


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