Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ei'lis Latest Roving

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Ei'lis is one of my latest roving available on
Ei'lis (pronounced A-lish) is a woman we met in Derry.
She was one of Amelia's Irish Mammy's.
They both worked at the Derry Children's Commission with Amelia.
They took Amelia under their wings, making sure she took care of herself.
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The Blacksmith cottage Ulster-America Folk Park
(check out the thatched roof!)
Ei'lis also took our family out to the Ulster-America Folk Park. This day trip to the museum and dinner was a highlight of the trip. It was great to have a guide to give us insights to the subtleties of visiting a foreign country.

While we were at the museum we went into one of the buildings that some workmen were doing some refinishing upstairs. Ei'lis asked if we could go upstairs and the man asked her where she was from. She replied Derry. After she said that we were invited upstairs for a look. Mike ended up talking to the man for about twenty mints about farming. After we left, Ei'lis pointed out that if she would have said Londonderry, the man would have suddenly been very busy.

By her saying Derry it told that man what he wanted to hear. The Derry accent and that she was Catholic, i.e. Irish, not British.

Last night Mike and I went out for dinner and movie. We got to the theater, the movie we wanted to see "Fly Boys" was not showing. So we went to a restaurant to get some dinner.

As we were seated, the hostess moved us because there was some smoke coming from the vents. This should have been the first clue that this was not to be the usual outing to have a nice relaxing dinner.

As we were about half done eating, the waitress said we have to leave the building. The fire department was on the way. So I took my drink and dinner outside to watch the excitement. Two fire trucks and every cop car in town it appeared.

Our meal was free because we were evacuated. I don't know if they ever did find the fire, but there was smoke coming out of the building.

Somehow a margarita tastes even better when you are drinking it outside and it is free!


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