Monday, October 01, 2007

Birkie's For YOU!

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I got this brand new pair of Birki's yesterday. I was hoping they would fit, but no amount of wishing is going to make them fit. They are one size too small. The shoes are size 37 Euro and L6 M4 narrow foot bed. If you are interested in them email me!( Cash would be good but a trade is always a possibility. If I got $25.00 for them I would be happy and you would be ecstatic they retail for over $100.00 around here.

Watching the news and seeing the Buddhist monks protesting, it reminds me of my experience with some Buddhist monks. This was back when I was very involved with protesting nuclear weapons and power back in the early 80's. I got a phone call that a group of Buddhist monks were marching for peace across America and could I feed and house a group of 40? I made a bunch of phone calls and got the local Mennonite church in my town to host them for a night.

We had a chili supper and I watched in awe as the monks took their bowl and poured water in it and drank the remains of the chili. This was repeated until the bowl was cleaned and stored away.

The next morning I made breakfast for them and had my daughter Meghan in her car seat just outside the kitchen door. She was about two months old and was entertained by people passing by. One saffron robed monk stopped and rubbed her bald head and pointed to his own. His grin said everything that words could not. We are alike, your daughter and I.


At 5:49 PM, Blogger Teresa said...

Oh I wish they would fit me. I have never had a pair and would love to try them.
I enjoy reading your blog and looking at all your lovely fiber.

Teresa (Emporia)

At 7:23 PM, Blogger Sheepish Annie said...

Alas, your Birks are too small for my hooves. But there is some lucky Cinderella out there who will be the perfect fit!

How wonderful that you had the chance to experience life with the monks, even if just for a short time. That is a fabulous story! There is so much to be said with a smile...

At 3:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Birks are too small for my tootsies.

Wow, 40 monks.... it would be interesting to house that many!

At 6:07 PM, Blogger Vykky said...

Always a mouse and never a Cinderella...that's me. I'm a 37 and LOVE my Birkies but no way could I squeeze my fat foot into the narrow style of them. Pout. Adored your story of the monks with your daughter-made me smile to think of it. And you're right; sometimes a look says what words can not.

At 7:06 AM, Blogger Fair isle faerie said...

Hey !!

I still lurk on W.A.S ! just been out of the loop for so long with moving & settling in & the mega heavy work load here, that I grew to feel a bit out of my depth in the creativity there & dont say very much now.

I do miss the banter but still enjoy the pictures !


At 2:51 AM, Blogger jackie said...

I'm a 38 wide. Sigh.
And thanks for sharing your story of feeding the monks.


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