Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dudleyspinner Tie Dye Roving ~~Colorado Adventure Day Two

 I got a call today from Serendipity  today. While I was there I ordered a slow whorl for my Schacht Matchless wheel. It is in the store. I had her wait until they made the treck to Boulder to the Schacht shop to pick it up. I am hoping this get me excited about spinning some more artsy yarns, with wraps and curls. The whorl should arrive next week.  I also learned about the Salida Fiber Festival. That may be a show to look into.

While we were driving through Salida from Buena Vista we stopped at the park to check it out. It is the venue for the fiber festival. There is a large Shelter house. We had sandwich  makings and had  a really nice lunch at the park. When I was driving out of town Kim saw a shooting, I didn't see anything. Looking at the news on the internet that night it was a strange case. Someone was in the dumpster behind a store.  Some man with a gun told the man dumpter diving  to get out  of the dumpter and some how ended up shooting him.
The shooting victim was in the doorway of a Credit Union, so Kim thought it was a robbery, when she saw an officer with his gun drawn, heading across the street right after we passed.  We hightailed it out of town as fast as we could.  It was  an odd, and a little uneasy feeling to see weapons drawn in the middle of the day

 Getting used to sharing the neighborhood with bears.


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