Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Dudleyspinner Tie Dye Rovings~~Driving To Colorado

The Foothills
Dudleyspinner in Western Kansas

Colorado Springs, First Sight Of the Rockies
 This is dudleyspinner behind the wheel of the van. Driving to Colorado is a full days drive. We started off early, about 6:30 I finishing packing up the last of the gear. We planned to stay in a cabin in Durango, so the camping gear needed to go along. Coleman stove,

pans, grill, and coffeepot of course. As well as the bedding and coolers and just the whole gambit of things needed for a road trip. The bottle of Patron I gave Kim the night before got packed as well.

This is me!

All excited to hit the road, the van disappointing us by refusing to start. Undeterred  by the setback, we got out the jumper cables and jumped the van.  Hitting   the long and dusty road to the cool mountains. The weather was hot and dry all day long. A stop at a BBS (big box store) was needed to procure a new battery and extra key. After driving all day the mountains finally came into sight outside of Colorado Springs. It was fun to see Kim's excitement. This was her virgin trip to the mountains and watching her thrill at the beauty before us made me giggle. She had no idea of what was in store, but then neither did I. This was my first trip to the western slope and the southern part of the state.

This is my latest Dudleyspinner Tie Dye Roving to be added to my Etsy store


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