Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dudleyspinner Tie Dye Wool Roving ~~~Driving to Ouray, Colorado

 We left Buena Vista and headed across Monarch Pass to Ouray.
I have only driven in the mountains once and that was a long time ago. When you live on the prairie using a parking break is rarely necessary. Using a low gear? Just never happens. Driving in the mountains is a challenge for a flat lander. There were a few stretches of white knuckles and held breath. These are some mighty mountains. The altitudes and the views  are enough to take your breath away. I would just stare at the scene before me and say "It doesn't look real",

 Then  it changes before your eyes. The shifting light, another row of mountains, beyond the mountains just in front of you. Such beauty. Monarch Pass got a little hairy. The pass is in the clouds. Driving through pea soup fog on a 6% downhill grade is something that gets your attention. I could see the lines on either side of me, but nothing in front or behind me.
 Later at the Hot Springs Inn in Ouray I looked at the weather cam on Monarch Pass,  It is a good idea to look at this before you start up the pass.

There is that blue sky

Anatomy of a Mesa



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