Monday, October 28, 2013

Dudleyspinner Tie Dye Wool Roving ~ Ghost Hunting~ Halloween

The Crescent Hotel from the overlook
Strange orb in my photo
Closeup of the orb

orb photo from internet, very similar the photo above is a fractal antenna. I see similarities
The photo taken after the table
the photo taken before the photo of the table
Kilmanham Gaol Ghost photos 

This past weekend Mike and I took a trip to Arkansas to visit our daughter. We were at the overlook of the town and commented on the large building in the first photo. A woman at the overlook told us it was the Crescent Hotel one of the most haunted hotels in America   We decided it looked interesting and drove across town to find it. Eureka Springs is a tourist town and the narrow streets are crowded. We got to the hotel on the backside. There are quite a few steps to get to the entrance. Once inside I took a few photos. When I looked at them on the computer, the photo of the table had a strange orb that looks like the same thing that ghost hunters say are ghosts. The photo before of the tree at the overlook does not have any orb, neither does the shot of the fireplace taken after the table. So dust or dirt on the lens is ruled out. I am not sure what it is. A ghost? Energy? You make your own decision. The hotel is quite nice, a very old building that has been restored. It did not have a creepy feeling, like the Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin. I had a very strange experience there. We did not take the ghost tour at the Hotel. The Pea Ridge Civil War battle field was our next destination.

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