Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Hardest Step is to Begin

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I never knew making a slip knot was so difficult. The first step in knitting is to make a slip knot, it is the hardest thing to do. When you have been knitting for as long as I have (40 odd years) It is something that you don't think about much. Casting on and trying a pattern is something that I do, undo, redo. Without a thought. So slowing down and analyzing what each step entails, is a challenge. Ah well, a new day is dawning.


At 4:47 AM, Blogger jackie said...

Taught your first class, eh? I do agree that it is hard to understand how something that comes so easy to us is so hard for others. But then I look at calculus and I understand. And it is not like I am a math dummy. I made 80's in math in high school, but first year calculus left me stumped. I barely squeeked by with a C.

I was helping a student at the local craft college do up a warp calculation sheet before beginning a weaving project. It is mostly simple addition with a few bits of multication thrown in rounded off with a divide by 36 to go from inches to yards. This poor girl couldn't get past the simple addition. And I mean simple. as in 35+8=_ I told her to use the calculaton.

And don't get me started on the whole kids and clocks with hands thing. My 11 year old still has a hard time.


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