Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Ripple Effect

Yesterday I was at my favorite thrift store the Etc. Shop. It sells donated items and the money goes to Mennonite Central Committee. My next door neighbor
Letty (who lives 1/4 of a mile away) Came up Deb, Deb, Deb, do you
play the flute?

Yes? I did Saturday night. There was a full moon and I was playing the flute on the deck. Could you hear it?

Loren and I were sitting on the porch and I kept hearing a flute.
I asked Loren if he had the TV on, no, he didn't. But I kept hearing something.

That was me.. How did it sound? I played moondance and some other songs, then the coyotes started howling and I listened to them.

The music was very nice, but I couldn't tell where the sound was coming from, I am
glad to know it was you. I never heard the coyotes. Where did you get the flute?

I am glad you enjoyed my music. I got the flute here at the Etc. Shop. It was with the toys.

I am glad you put it to good use.

The simple act of playing a flute for my own pleasure connected me to my neighbor.

Every action we take has an impact much larger than we know.

Leave footprints only,
On the sand,
and in the snow.
Good-by Dan, you will be missed.
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This photo was taken me, Deb Brandt in Ireland April, 2006


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