Saturday, February 08, 2014 Winter Storm Spinning By The Fire

 A day with the camera photographing some combed top that is now in my Etsy store.

The  winter weather has been extremely cold and a foot of snow made a day spinning by the fire feel like the only logical way to deal with the snowfall.

When the weather man says stay home if you can, it seems like a good idea to follow those instructions. Someone has to keep the home fires burning. Since we can't really afford propane at $5.00 a gallon.

  I did manage to spin quite a bit of yarn, some of that will be making it into the store too.

Photographing the fiber is one of the hardest parts
of  being

When the sun is not shining getting the colors true to life is a challenge.

I have set up a light box  staging area
It is nothing special really, just a tote  and a small
table with foam board on the bottom and
two sides so I have a white background.

Everything is just propped up and can be moved.
Not a large investment, just some foam board and poster board balanced to make a nice set up,

I have an Ott light, and several lamps giving me
some light so I don't need a flash

The new camera does help to get the colors
right.  Capturing the texture is the key to
a great photo.

I was given some advice by a photographer
when I was having so much trouble

getting  blues to come out the right shade.

Buy the best camera you can afford.  It does make a


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