Friday, August 01, 2014

Dudleyspinner Tie Dye Rovings Teaches at Arkansas Fiber Arts Extravaganza, Hot Spgs Ark Sept 18-21

Free Form Crochet is a fantastic way to stash bust. You can use small amounts of yarns with different weights, textures and colors to make anything you want. I have made hats,afghans and jackets all using small scrumbles and putting them together. A scrumble is what we free formers call the small pieces created by just starting out with some yarn and letting the piece grow as it will. I usually start with a small circle, and then build out. I like rainbows, so starting out with a red center, then adding a row or two of orange, then yellow, then green, blue and purple makes a very striking scrumble. You can also start with a few rows of single or double or treble crochet and build from there. Putting colors together takes a little thought.  If you have two colors that don't match or go together very well, try putting a buffer color like sky blue, or earth brown or lawn green between them. Colors in nature always work, so go look at a flower garden that has many colors. Why don't they clash?  The green leaves and brown dirt buffer them and it works.  You can also use two yarns to tone them down. A turquoise that is very bright can be toned down and made more natural looking by adding a strand of orange.

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