Monday, May 30, 2005

Dudley's Friends Model

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Alice puts on the miterscarf with the cellphone pocket, and the watchcap. These were knitted for my daughter Amelia. The only things she ever asked me to make. Amelia is a college student and actually wore them this past winter. I really have to say they are the nicest knitting and spinning I have ever done. The yarn was handspun from dudley's roving, all singles and knit on 00 needles.
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This is the cellphone pocket on the end of the scarf.
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close up of the hat


At 1:39 PM, Blogger Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter said...

Purty stuff....and I love the beaded edge and "button" on the poncho.

At 12:09 AM, Blogger Dudleyspinner's Tie Dye Rovings said...

I found another link for the 2 socks on 2 circs.
That should cover the footsies.


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