Monday, September 12, 2005

FunFur Necklace World Sheep and Fiber Arts Festival, Bethel, MO

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This was a crochet necklace that was made with fun fur and some chenille. Just a simple chain but it looks pretty cool.
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It was designed and made by this woman, whose name I neglected to remember. Her husband was in the sheep to shawl competition.
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Spinner in the sheep to shawl competition. She spun up some dudleyspinner roving and graciously showed it to me!
My venture to the World Sheep and Fiber arts Festival was a great experience. There were moments when I was wondering "Why am I doing this?"

I left home about 2:30 Friday afternoon and drove to Bethel, Missouri. I stopped to get gas every time my tank got down to 3/4 so I wouldn't be stranded somewhere that had no gas. There was never any problem, but the rumors were rampant. That gas shortages were popping up. Every town I drove though, the price seemed to be higher. I paid $3.15 a gallon in Clay Center, Kansas. That was not the highest price I saw. It was $3.29 in St. Joseph, MO.

I drove almost straight through to Bethel. After arriving in Bethel, about midnight. I couldn't find the campground, so I slept in the front seat of my car using a bag of wool as a pillow. I was very glad I was not selling electronics and trying to get comfortable on a pile of microchips. Trying to sleep in the car made me appreciate my age. I am far to old to rough it like this. Then I remembered the victims of Katrina and told myself to quit whining, it could be worse. Much worse.

Saturday morning I set up my booth and met my neighbors, Linda, and Nova. Linda had some really nice alpaca and silk rovings, dyed wool as well as a Sontag vest at her booth. Nova had fibers, angora and wool, and wonderful lotions creams and soaps that she makes. Her fragrant soaps were between myself and the sheep and goat barns. So instead of smelling Billy goats I was treated to her patchuli and other wonderful smells.

Sunday after the show, a group of vendors and sheep to shawl participants went to eat at Heartland's Solid Rock Cafe The pizza was quite delicious. The group had a great time visiting, enjoying each others company, the air conditioning, and unlimited ice water. After spending the day outdoors in the heat and humidity it was refreshing. It was a treat to sit and slow down. This area of Missouri has humidity that made me feel like I was swimming instead of breathing! About 85%. Where I live it is about 62% today, it is high for here today.

Susan found a dragonfly that was perfectly intact on the front of her van, and brought it in to preserve it, so she could make one out of felt. Most diners would have been put off by such behavior. I don't think anyone batted an eye. She got lots of suggestions on how to recreate nature's beauty. Fiber folks think outside the box.


At 3:52 PM, Blogger Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter said...

Sounds like a blast, woman! Glad you had fun.

At 10:16 PM, Blogger 'Zann said...

Deb - thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for posting all about the Festival. I don't travel well, so it's nice to go vicariously! (Those shawl pins were of Dudley roving, btw.)


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