Friday, June 23, 2006

Estes Park, Colorado Wool Market

Estes Park, Colorado
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This beautiful setting in Estes Park was the backdrop for the Wool Market. Alpaca, llamas, sheep, goats and so many wonderful people. I had a great trip.

There were a few adventures along the way of course. While heading out to Colorado I was driving my 4x4 truck with a slide in camper which is quite tall. I can stand up in the camper quite comforatbly, but then I am only 5'4" tall. The camper is about 2 and a half feet higher than the cab of the truck. There was a wind and dust storm from about Russel Kansas all the way to Denver. So I was fighting the crosswind the whole way. I could only drive about 40-55 miles an hour on the interstate. The high wind advisory did keep the trucks going slow too, so I was not the only one fighting the wind.

I was getting out of the camper and the wind pushed the door into my backside, the curtain rod hanger caught my pants and I completely ripped my pants! A bare your ass momemnt for sure. I found some jeans and went on down the road.

The free form crochet class went very well. Free form is one of those things that I get all excited about. Imagine taking all those pesky UFO's hovering around and turning them into an afghan!


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