Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Rockets Red Glare and Other Flammable Objects

Gigantic Fireworks
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The Fourth of July, is a time of parties, fireworks and for me remembering who NOT to spend the holiday with.

A number of years ago I went camping with some friends of ours. The kids and I went to the lake with Tom and Terrie and their family.

The day was great, we enjoyed a concert most of the afternoon. We got a little hungry and sunburned. We decided to go back to camp and make some burgers on the grill.

Arriveing back at camp Tom is quite upset.

He had locked his tent by putting a padlock through the zipper pulls. Someone had broken in by tearing the screen!

Why had he locked the tent? He had a pistol inside and didn't want anyone to take it. He also had a loaf of wonder bread that the thief was much more interested in. This thief wore a black mask and had sticky paws. The racoon tore up the screen pretty badly and left bread crumbs everywhere. The gun was untouched, thank goodness. Knowing Tom, is was likely loaded. Tom definitly was.

Tom decided to start the fire for the burgers while I husked the sweet corn. The charcoal was a little damp from being outside the night before. Tom was having a difficult time getting the fire lit.
He dedided to use some Coleman camp fuel to get the fire going. Thank God the can was full! (It would have exploded!) The can catches fire and Tom panics and throws the burning can under a 20 foot tall cedar tree, the grass under the tree starts to burn. If that tree goes up in flames we are in serous trouble!

Those were the exact words of the Game Warden who came to see what all the fuss is about.

Terrie and I grab blankets and start beating out the fire. (Wool blankets are much more useful for fighting fires than acrylic!) The grass is put out and the crisis momentarily averted. The cedar tree is saved! The can of Coleman Fuel however is still burning!

Tom grabs the burning fuel can and tosses it over the edge of the cliff we were camped on. The fuel spills out and starts fire the whole way down! Tom grabs a blanket and beats it out.

The flaming can continues down the slope and lands in the water a few feet from a boat that is waiting for the official fireworks to begin. The startled look on the faces looking up to see a flaming can coming towards them was priceless. Not the fireworks they were expecting.

About the time we are catching our breath and thanking the fates that we have not burned down a state park. We have not been arrested. The fireworks begin and the oohs and ahhs, can be heard across the water. We Ahh as well and count ourselves lucky. The lesson is, choose your friends carefully.
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At 8:21 PM, Blogger sopranospinner said...

Man, the camping rules that guy didn't know would fill a book! You were very lucky. Glad you had a better time this year!

At 1:50 AM, Blogger jackie said...

What a story! You were indeed very lucky!

At 11:36 AM, Blogger Dudleyspinner's Tie Dye Rovings said...

It is a true story and now you know why convicted felons are not allowed to have guns! I have not been camping with them since this inccident!


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