Monday, January 22, 2007

How Long Have you Had That? Dudleyspinner Hand painted wool Roving/combed top

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I was thinking the other day about how long I have had this scarf and mittens. I believe they are about 15 years old. They are looking good and wearing well, in fact they show no signs of wear. The mittens are knit of some handspun from my own sheep. Poly and Susan were some crossbreed sheep we had. I always thought they were finnsheep, they had many multiple births and seemed to have many finn charictaristics.
The wool was sent to a mill and then dyed with procion dyes. I spun the yarn and navajo plyed it so the colors are in stripes.

Once, I had forgotten the scarf at a hotel in Chicago. I called the Mariott on Lakeshore and had them send it back to me, I was glad to get it back. The design is crocheted, a simple pattern that has a chain of 10 that is then pulled through the previous one. It makes it look like a cable, but is so simple to do.


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