Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Kim's Beaded Poncho

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I started a poncho for my sister Kim made with Dudley's Tie Dye Roving. I am using the create with unspun roving method from Spin Off Magazine.

Kim liked the poncho that Martha Stewart was wearing leaving the jail. Lion Brand yarn has the directions click here for the pattern.
I made a few changes to the pattern, but it is the basis for the poncho. I used a crochet ribbing for the collar. I cast on 7 stitches and did a ribbing stitch where you always crochet only into the back loop of each single crochet. Do one sc in the back loop only of each sc. SC 7, chain one and turn. The collar is 24 inches in diameter, but because it is ribbing, it fits closer around your neck than the pattern appears to. After I made the collar and joined it with single crochet, I did a couple of rows of sc going only into the back loop of each sc. I just like the look of it.

I followed the directions in the pattern and did 3 dc in one stitch, skip one sc and make 3 dc in the next stitch. I had 41 blocks, so divided that in 1/2 and made the corner stitch of 3 dc chain one 3 dc in one space at 20 blocks, not fussing about the one block difference. The poncho collar lays nicely so far. I adjusted the gauge because the pattern calls for a larger hook, since my hook is smaller it has more stitches.

I chose a roving that I had about one pound available. I chose a colorway that Kim would like. The poncho used 19 ounces of dudleyspinner roving. About three ounces of beads were crocheted onto the edge, and the broach.( or medallion)
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Kim's Poncho
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I beaded a broach for the front. Kim has a hard time putting on a necklace, so this one is permantly attached.

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Euny models the completed poncho for me. Thanks Euny! This was crochet with unspun roving, from dudley's roving. The fabric is soft and warm. It feels like polar fleece, lightweight and cozy. The beaded edge adds weight and makes the poncho hang nicely.
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Close up of the beaded edge. I strung the beads on some silk and nylon yarn. I dyed the yarn various shades of green. It is very strong. I believe about 900 beads are crocheted into the edge, and beaded onto the broach. The base of the broach is a piece of needle felt.

I strung all the beads onto a silk yarn that I had dyed several shades of green. It is strong. I used it to crochet a beaded edge, very slow going, but the beads really match well. I have been seeing some derogatory comments about ponchos.

I guess my feeling about ponchos is: If it exposes people to knitting, crocheting, why knock it. Like the way Harry Potter books get kids to read. Some parents aren't thrilled with the content of the books, but at least the kids are reading.

If learning to knit to make a poncho, or scarf is where you are starting, we all start somewhere. If making a poncho is not your thing, please consider what your first knitting project was. Would you have felt bad if someone told you it was unworthy of their attention, because it was too simple.

Just because your expertise is more advanced, why put down someone who wants to learn something. I have encountered this attitude in yarn stores. The "I am a perfect knitter and you never will be", attitude. I always walk out without buying anything from these people.

If you are just learning to knit or crochet, or spin or weave or play the violin, you may not be as good at it as someone else right now, but if you keep at it, you will become far better than someone who thinks they already know everything.
I am making this poncho because my sister asked me to. She has an arm permanently in a sling, coats are a huge pain for her. A poncho is a perfect winter garment for her. So a poncho it is!


At 1:58 AM, Blogger Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter said...

Good grief woman, you have gone too far this time. You have accomplished what I have argued is impossible...making the poncho look attractive on an adult woman. Do you think that the weight of the beading helps give it some shape?

At 9:53 PM, Blogger Liz said...

I am lovin that poncho. You and Kate and your beads and sparkles!
I am right there with you on the ease of ponchos, on arms in a sling. I spent many a summer as achild with my arm in a sling after having surgery after surgery after surgery on my hand.
I am the worlds worst crocheter but I really like what you have done with this pattern.Is the roving more forgiving than yarn?

At 6:43 AM, Blogger Dudleyspinner's Tie Dye Rovings said...

Kim wrote:
I absolutely love it.....its gorgeous....WOW!!!!....ty

At 6:17 AM, Blogger mommiechickie said...

wow!!! you are so talented in ways I can't even imagine!! That is a beautiful poncho, worthy of much more than a contest dear. And I do have to say AMEN to your comments on learning and know it alls :) When we know it all, what do we really know *raised eyebrow* Again BEAUTIFUL poncho, if anyone can say THAT isn't a work of art, then they can borrow my glasses, cause they definately NEED them!!
Sherry/MC crochets


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