Saturday, December 23, 2006

Give eBay the BOOT Sale! Dudleyspinner Handpainted Roving/combed top

I recently had an unfriendly take over of my business on Ebay.A third party listed thousands of dollars worth of camera, electronic and other bogus merchandise on my accountThey even opened a store!  Hopefully all the fraudulent charges and merchandise are no longer associated with my business.HOWEVER, ebay will be my last resort for sales.Looking through the listings i see fraud and attempted fraud more places than I want. It feels seedy, like State Street in Chigago, not a safe place to be.I am having a
Give EBay the Boot Sale

All items are 20% off until Jan 15.Just mention SCANDAL when you order, and I will give you the sale price! I would much prefer to give my customers the money than Ebay!
They have not been helpful in clearing up this mess. No appology, no help in getting my accounts straightened out. Personal checks are now my preferred means of recieving payment.


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